Mainz, The Exotic Cultural City in the German

Quiet, peaceful, quiet, and away from the noise is typical of the city of Mainz. If you are looking for a beautiful vacation spot, quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of urban, city of Mainz place. If you have an essay writing task, leave it to the care of expert services, and start vacation in Mainz.

Mainz can be reached from Frankfurt by train in about 20 minutes. With a population slightly, making the city as it is quiet-quiet. Any road that is here also looks more relaxed and more “traditional German” because it is a small town.

So when he got in this city, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere directly in the river Rheine, where there are City Hall and the Old Town. Also visible are the bridge “Theodor Heuss Bridge” distant, which unites the city of Mainz and Wiesbaden city opposite.

About 5 minutes walk after the City Hall and the Old Town, visitors can see the church of St. Stephan, a gothic-style building was built between the years 1290 to 1338 and is one of the oldest churches in Germany.

On the right side of the church of St. Stephan, Johannes Gutenberg Museum there. This museum is a place on display a few items that are owned by Johannes Gutenberg printing press inventor figures.

If you continue to walk for several blocks, then you will get Kirschgarten (Cherry Orchard). In this area you can find many shops selling a variety of typical German snacks. Traditional foods are widely available in Mainz is a jumbo-sized hot dogs commonly called frankfurters sausage and pretzels.