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Coconut Oil: Learn the Benefits

Travel LeisureThe export of coconut oil accounts for 7% of the income of the Philippines, the main producer of this wonderful product.

In addition to his great physical properties, coconut has many advantages, which we will list below.

Most important benefit of coconut oil is related to the kitchen. It comes in many forms, each with special properties. There is virgin coconut oil, fresh coconut products. The refined oil is best for eating, such as toxic fats are removed. Fractionated hydrogenated oil are also suitable for consumption. Its special feature is the thermal stability, which makes these coconut oils indefinitely unchanged.

The health benefits of coconut oil are also incredible. Its use prevents many diseases of the heart. This is due to the reduction in total cholesterol and preventing oxidation. Coconut oil is also demonstrated major antimicrobial effects.

The manufacturing industry benefits from the high benefits of coconut oil. Some of the products with coconut oil in its manufacture are: cosmetics, soap, margarine, cream, snacks, essences, massage oils, moisturizers and skin softeners, hair stylers and many others.

Salads making benefits with coconut oil are also enormous. One of the traditional uses of coconut oil is the oil lamps. This is especially in the poorest countries. However, one of the biggest benefits is maintaining its use as fuel. Coconut oil can be used as fuel for diesel engines and aircraft. It considered a biofuel, its use is cheap and highly organic. You can also use a lubricant can be ideal for the same engines.

These are just some of the great benefits of coconut oil. However, more and more we are being discovered and the need for other food, fuel and manufacturing resources screams for more research about this miracle product.

Enjoying Vacation Travel Alternatives When the Rain

travel leisureWhat is it like if we were enjoying the holidays with family in a town then suddenly interrupted by a less friendly weather like rain down instantly. You would be very upset to be this way and inevitably you must cancel your vacation time or finish your holiday vacation while still a long time.

Oops, wait a minute you do not get discouraged once do not let the rain hold you and your family to have fun enjoying the holidays. There are many things you can do to enjoy the holidays when the rain comes disturbing. Here are some interesting ideas and travel tips that you can do when it rains.

- Tour the museum
For some people visit the museum is not an interesting thing when you’re traveling, but the visit to the museum when the rain is the right choice. In addition to avoid bad weather, tour the museum you will get a lot of interesting lessons in the museum.

- Going to the movies
Everyone will like going to the movies especially when there are new movies this place is always crowded and more people are visited. Instead of complaining you abysmally due to rain when traveling should invite families to visit the cinema in the city where you are on vacation. If you’re lucky maybe you can watch local movies that do not play in other theaters.

- The streets around the hotel
From the room you stayed in the hotel and are confused about where if interested you can explore every corner of the hotel where you stay. If you are lucky you will find places of interest in the hotel.

- Playing in hotel room
If you happen to bring toys from home, you can play with toys that you take with the family. Playing in the room with the children while waiting for good weather returning also familiarize yourself with the family. Playing with computer which connected internet / WiFi will be very interesting. Especially if you are engaged in internet marketing, you can try to find about phoenix seo company.

- Create your own party in a hotel room
Creating a lively atmosphere cheerful by partying with the family at the hotel can be an alternative tour for you when it’s raining. Messages plenty of food and drink, turn on music, and partying start is with your family.

So please you choose an alternative tour what will you do when it was raining.

Great!! 10 Hotels Indonesia won the ASEAN Green Hotel Award

Travel LeisureHaving twice held since 2008, this time the ASEAN Green Hotel Award award was held back for the third time.

This award is given by Menparekraf: Mari Elka Pangestu, who presented with tourism ministers of ASEAN on the sidelines of the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) at the Grand Kawanua Convention Center, Manado, on Wednesday (11 / 1).

Of ASEAN 81 hotels included in the list of award-winning, ten hotels in Indonesia on the list of award-winning ASEAN Green Hotel Award. ASEAN Green Hotel Award is a ceremony that was given to hotels as ASEAN member countries that have environmentally friendly principles.

“ASEAN Green Hotel Award held every two years. This time Manado, to host the 3rd after the year 2008 in Thailand and Brunei Darussalam in 2010,” said Mari Elka Pangestu said in a release received Wednesday night (11 / 1 ). ASEAN Greean Hotel Award was the brainchild of the ASEAN Green Hotel Standard which has been designed by ASEAN member countries in 2007.

To get this prestigious award, there are several criteria that must be owned, among others, the utilization and use of environmentally friendly, collaboration with communities and local organizations, energy and water efficiency, environmental policy and activities of the hotel operation, and management of water quality.

The award ASEAN Greean Hotel Award is to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel industry in achieving an increase in the number of guests, enhance environmental stewardship in the midst of global warming climate for the hospitality industry, and improve the quality of service throughout the hotel in the ASEAN region in support of ASEAN as a tourist destination.

In addition to 10 hotels of Indonesia, there are 71 other hotels in the ASEAN region who took a similar predicate. Hotels are from Brunei Darussalam (1 hotels), Cambodia (10 hotels), Laos (8 hotels), Malaysia (10 hotels), Myanmar (10 hotels), Philippines (2 hotels), Singapore (10 hotels), Thailand (10 hotels) and Vietnam (10 hotels).

Here are the names of the best hotels in Indonesia, who received awards:

1. Matahari Beach Resort & Spa, Bali
2. Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali
3. Holiday Inn Resort, Batam
4. Angsana Hotel, Bintan
5. Hotel Melia Benoa, Bali
6. Losari Spa Retreat & Coffee Plantation
7. The St. Regis Bali Resort
8. Melia Bali Villa & Spa Resort
9. The Dharmawangsa Jakarta
10. Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta

Congratulations for the winners!